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Pigments & Powders

Introducing our exceptional range of powdered pigments, where creativity knows no bounds! We proudly offer a selection of renowned pigment brands including Co-Hill, Torginol, and Epoxy2U, each bringing a unique array of captivating color variants to the table. With these premium pigments, your imagination becomes the only limit as you unlock infinite design possibilities for your epoxy projects.

Co-Hill pigments are renowned for their vibrant hues and exceptional color dispersion. From bold primaries to subtle pastels, their extensive range allows you to add eye-catching accents or create stunning monochromatic masterpieces. Whether you're aiming for a vibrant and energetic space or a calm and soothing ambiance, Co-Hill pigments offer the perfect color palette to bring your vision to life.

Torginol pigments are a true testament to innovation, offering an unparalleled selection of captivating effects. Their metallic and pearlescent pigments introduce a mesmerizing shimmer and depth to your epoxy creations, evoking a sense of luxury and elegance. Elevate your floors with captivating iridescent finishes or create striking accents that catch the light from every angle with Torginol's exceptional range.

Epoxy2U pigments are renowned for their versatility and exceptional quality. With an impressive variety of rich, deep shades, you can create stunning designs that exude sophistication and character. Whether you're looking to achieve a sleek modern aesthetic or a timeless classic look, Epoxy2U pigments provide the perfect color foundation to make your epoxy floors stand out.

The beauty of our powdered pigments lies in their ability to be combined, blended, and customized to your heart's content. Experiment with different ratios and mixtures to achieve precisely the color and visual effect you desire. Whether you're seeking a subtle gradient, a dynamic pattern, or a bold statement, our pigments empower you to create truly unique and personalized designs.

We understand that choosing the right pigments is a crucial step in your creative journey. That's why our website offers comprehensive product information, including color charts and swatches, to assist you in making informed decisions. We are here to help you unleash your creativity and achieve stunning, one-of-a-kind epoxy designs that leave a lasting impression.

Explore our powdered pigments from Co-Hill, Torginol, and Epoxy2U, and unlock the limitless potential of your epoxy projects. Let your imagination soar as you combine colors, experiment with textures, and transform ordinary floors into extraordinary works of art. With our premium pigments, your epoxy creations will capture attention, inspire awe, and showcase your unique style.

  • Cohills Metallic Powder Pigments, 16 oz

    Metal Essence Metallic pigment packs are measured by weight (not vo...

    Original price $23.25 - Original price $23.25
    Original price
    $23.25 - $23.25
    Current price $23.25
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  • E2U Metallic Powder Pigments 32 oz

    E2U metallic pigments allow you to easily add reflective metallic c...

    Original price $61.87 - Original price $61.87
    Original price
    $61.87 - $61.87
    Current price $61.87
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  • Liquid Pigment Pods

    Original price $18.00 - Original price $26.13
    Original price
    $18.00 - $26.13
    $18.00 - $26.13
    Current price $18.00
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  • Torginol Pigment, 12oz

    Pigment is designed to be mixed into high-performance coatings to c...

    Original price $30.00 - Original price $30.00
    Original price
    $30.00 - $30.00
    Current price $30.00
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