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What do epoxy installers ask most often?

Do You Offer In Store Pick-up or other shipping options

We offer in store pick up Mon-Fri from 7:00am-5:00pm.

We try to offer the best shipping rates as possible; however, sometimes we can get better rates when you call directly into the store.

Pallet orders can be shipped LTL - it's best to select [IN STORE PICK UP] during check out and we can arrange the shipping separately.

If you need any other special shipping options that are not available online, please select the [in store pick-up] shipping option during your checkout process and call the store directly.

We'll be more than happy to accommodate your request.

What is the spread coverage for flake

Typically we recommend 8lbs per SQFT on 1/4" flake. When ordering flake, you'll want to also consider how heavy or light you are throwing the flake, if you are doing a full or partial broadcast. You also want to allow extra material if customer is requesting a cove base along the walls.

Following is an example on how we would calculate the proper amount of flake to order:

450 SQFT - full broadcast with cove base

450 divided by 8 = 56lbs

Added amount to compensate for the cove 15-20lbs

Rounded up to nearest 10lb increment = 80lbs


What is the spread rate for Poly, 100% & MVB

For polyaspartic applications, use 125-150 sqft per gallon. Keep in mind our kits are 2 gallon kits. So you'll get about 250-300 sqft per kit. We recommend using a flexible squeegee for best results. It can be rolled if heavier texture is desired.

100% Solids should be applied at 150 sqft per gallon (3 gal kit = 450 sqft). We recommend using a notched squeegee to keep a consistent mil thickness throughout your floor.

Metal-100 is our super clear high gloss metallic epoxy. We recommend 40-50 SQFT per gallon for best results. Our kits are packaged in 3 gallon kits. (approximately 150 sqft per kit)

EW-MVB products use 150 sqft per gallon, same as the 100% solids. Our 3 gallon kits will cover 450 sqft. These epoxies will give you a varied moisture mitigation depending on the concrete conditions and thickness the epoxy is applied. To optimize the moisture mitigation, EW-MVB should be applied using the clear MVB at 100 sqft per gallon.

What is the cure time and working time for Poly, 100%, and MVB epoxy

Cure times can vary depending an environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Humanity and hot temperatures will increase the cure time, whereas colder temperatures will slow down the curing process.

Working time is AFTER it is out of the bucket. Epoxy needs to be poured in a ribbon on the floor immediately after it is mixed. Epoxy will get very hot and begin to smoke if not spread out after mixing part A and part B.

POLY The polyaspartic products we sell are formulated with extended working time (slow cure). Once applied, you'll normally have a "soft cure" in about 12 hours depending on conditions, and a "full cure" in about 48 hours. Typically you can walk on the floor and have light traffic in 12 hours, and be able to move cars and heavier equipment after 48 hours. You will want to allow extra cure times in colder conditions

Working time: 30 minutes - if applying a re-coat, we recommend abrading with a 60-80 grit sander before applying the next coat.

100% Solids Whether used as a base coat or a mid coat, the cure time will range between 8-10 hours.

Working Time: 30 minutes. Re-coat window of 18-24 hours depending on conditions.

Metal-100 This is a lower viscosity epoxy with a cure time of 8-10 hours.

Working Time: 30 minutes. Re-coat window of 18-24 hours depending on conditions.

EW-MVB-SC (Slow Cure) Once applied, the cure time can vary from 8 hours to as much as 15 hours depending on the conditions.

Working Time: 30 minutes. Re-coat window of 18-24 hours depending on conditions.

EW-MVB-RC is designed as our one day system. Once applied, it will cure in a 2-4 hour window. This allows for the top coat to be applied the same day.

Working Time: 15-20 minutes. If a re-coat is needed, we recommend abrading the floor with a 60-80 grit sander.

What could be causing inconsistent color on my epoxy flake floor?

Always ensure consistency in your materials, as variations between batches can impact your floors. In the epoxy industry, it's common for flakes or epoxy from different batches to have the same name but exhibit slight discolorations. To save time and money, consider batching, which involves mixing old and new products to achieve a uniform color. This practice will help prevent mismatched floors.


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