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Endurable Concrete Hardener

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$136.00 - $340.00
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Endurable Concrete Hardener is nearly 100% pure silica at an extremely small particle size. The proprietary solution in which it is suspended, provides low surface tension, resulting in excellent penetration of the silica into the concrete. The reaction of the silica with the remaining unreacted calcium hydroxide in the concrete, forms calcium silica hydrate. When concrete is poured, calcium silica hydrate is formed as the concrete cures. This process only continues, as the concrete remains wet. After the concrete is dry, no additional calcium silica hydrate is formed and the top surface of the concrete is usually left with unreacted calcium hydroxide, also known as lime. Obviously, the first part of the concrete to dry is the surface, therefore leaving a substantial amount of unreacted calcium hydroxide. This unreacted calcium hydroxide is akin to an epoxy with only the first component used. The Endurable Concrete Hardener acts like the second component of the epoxy to actually create the chemical reaction, leaving the concrete harder and more abrasion-resistant.

This product is distinctive in its ability to bond to the silica already present in concrete and it can also bond to itself. This allows for a much greater density than can be found with any silicates. The families of silicates include sodiums, potassiums, and lithiums. None of these products can match the abilities of this product to bond with the silica in the concrete, nor can they bond to themselves.

When looking to choose the best hardener, one should look at the superior technology of silica over the other silicate families. The size of particle should also be considered. The smaller the particle size, the better the results as there are more reaction points and the product can travel farther into the concrete at the smaller size. Endurable Concrete Hardener is a silica with an extremely small particle size, making it the best choice for a concrete hardener.

Product Information

  • Does not leave discoloring salt deposits
  • Compatible with Endurable stains
  • Works well with overlay products typically low in lime
  • Better PH stability than most silicates
  • Fast reaction times — typically under 1 hour
  • No overnight curing process
  • Concentrated to lower shipping cost
  • May be applied to new concrete 2-3 days after pour
  • Tiny particle size
  • Product is able to bond to silica present in concrete
  • Product has the ability to bond to itself, unlike silicates
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Increases moisture resistance
  • Enables polishing process
  • Reduces dusting
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Water-based
  • Zero VOC content
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to handle
  • Does not require agitation
  • Does not require hazardous disposal
  • Improves performance of concrete
  • Improves appearance of concrete
  • Extends life of concrete
  • Increases surface hardness
  • Increases compressive strength

Sizes: 4 & 20 gallon (sample sizes available)

Shipping Information

Expedited shipping is available - Please call the office at 239-772-0899.

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