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EW-Metal-100 3-gal kit for metallic floors

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METAL 100 is an exceptionally high gloss, self-leveling epoxy coating, that is supplied as a 2 Parts A and 1 Part B by volume system. This product is trusted by the top metallic installers in the industry, known for its consistency and durability.

METAL 100 has a long work time of 40-55 minutes which allows for extended work time to apply the product.

METAL 100 is 100% solids (zero VOC) without the use of extenders or plasticizers enhancing durability and chemical resistance. Can be used on concrete floors, countertops, and other decorative surfaces. When used on concrete floors it is recommended to be applied over either a MVB or VRM primer. May be used as a pigmented topcoat with Epoxy warehouse pigment packs or as a clear resulting in high gloss pigmented coatings.


•Chemical resistance

•Zero VOC

•Longer work time

•Extended Pot life

•Chemical Resistance

•Excellent long-term capabilities




Application Data

 Mix Ration 2A:1B
Packing 3-gal kit
Application Temp. 40 F - 90 F
Shelf Life 12 Months
Pot Life 45 min

Cure Time

 Working Time 40-60 min
Tack Free 6-8 hours
Recoat TIme 8-24 hours
Full Cure 7 Days
Foot Traffic 24 hours
Light Traffic 48 hours



Shipping Information

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