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EW Poly-85 Polyaspartic 2-gal kit

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EW Poly-85 is a two-component (1:1) Polyaspartic coating. This poly is among the strongest in the market. This makes for a superior topcoat that is scratch, stain, and UV resistant. The EW Poly-85 can be used as a base coat and is available pre-tinted. (Call the store directly for special orders). 


It provides a quick turnaround with very rapid curing time (tack-free of approx. 180 minutes) under normal conditions allowing the installation of a flooring system in a single day. The product displays excellent curing capability at high-temperature levels. This product offers superior mechanical and chemical properties and is low maintenance. It also displays a superior aesthetic finish and excellent UV stability. It may be used in combination with any of our epoxy base coats.



  •  Indistinct odor 
  • High Color stability
  •  VOC Compliant
  • Chemical resistance
  • High Sheen
  • Seamless Coating Potential for LEED eligibility
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent elongation and abrasion resistance
  • Superior mechanical and chemical properties
  • Self-Priming
  • UV Resistance
  • Multi-Coat application in one single day
  • Ease of application with long pot life and long working time
  • Impermeability / Mold resistant
  • VOC and EPA Compliant in all States and Canadian Provinces
  • CIFA, USDA, FDA, Food Safety Compliant
  • Indoor / Outdoor



The chemical and mechanical properties of EW Poly-85 provide excellent results for several applications.

• Pharmaceuticals • Food processing • Garage floors • Washrooms & Showers • Kitchens • Manufactures/Fabrication • Corridors • Public facilities • Showrooms • Schools • Laboratories • Hospitals • Commercial Centers • Retail Stores • Office buildings • Warehouses • Other Residential applications • Other commercial applications

EW Poly85 was developed to be used as a fast-set base coat or topcoat with decorative floor systems such as vinyl chips, colored quartz, or metallic floors.


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